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Principal Newsletter: March 2017

Principal Newsletter

March 2017

It is almost spring! Yea! I am so excited for warmer weather and bright colors and flowers popping out of the ground.   Good things are happening at Hayden Peak. We celebrated over 700 students with our benchmark achievement party. Students are given district benchmark tests in math and reading and writing and we compared scores from benchmark 1 to benchmark 2 and students who improved more than 20% or scored 80% or higher on any of these tests were invited to our achievement party. We have just completed benchmark 3 and will soon be planning our benchmark 3 party.

Our students in Kindergarten through third grade just took the mid-year DIBELS reading/fluency test and we have seen growth in reading in our younger students as well. Reading is one of those skills where, if we can get students reading early on, their success rate in school and in the future is much brighter.

Sixth grade completed their STEM fair (formerly known as the science fair). There were fabulous experiments conducted and shown off to the community at the STEM day. Fifth and sixth grade is also using Google classroom with the chrome books and students and teachers are loving it.

We are entering end of year testing season. We will begin testing April 17 and test through May 26. Please understand that these tests are important and give the teachers and administration valuable information about teaching strategies and practices and ways to further improve instructional practices. More information will come as we get closer to the testing dates.

Finally, our school is now administering brief school climate surveys to gather input about the effectiveness of the teachers and administrators at our school. All parents, guardians, and students second grade and higher are invited to participate. These surveys are anonymous and no personal information will be collected. Reports will be made available for teachers and administrators to use in their school improvement efforts.

Here is the link for the School Climate Survey

Thanks for all you do to support Hayden Peak. We love our students, parents, volunteers, faculty and staff! We have the best kids and love what is happening every day!

David Butler, Principal

Amy Adams, Assistant Principal