We’re Back

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Our teachers and custodians and office helpers (and I) have been busy getting everything ready for you to be back!

A, B, and C tracks begin on Monday, July 28th. Please have your children be ready by the grade-level doors to be brought in by their teacher(s).

Have you updated your information on Skyward? If not, please do so!

Again, we are all excited to have you back Monday morning! In the meantime, have a nice weekend and I’ll see you soon!

Mrs. Riddle

Volunteer Background Checks

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Dear Parents and Guardians:

I’m so excited to begin another school year, and hope you will be involved in your child’s education while here at Hayden Peak.

I’d like to give you a heads up on volunteer background checks. Hopefully this information will help you.

Fingerprinting is available Monday through Friday at the District Office from  7:30 am – 4:30 p.m. — no appointment is needed. Volunteers MUST pick up the Volunteer Information Form signed by me (the Principal) in order to be fingerprinted. If you go to Human Resources without this signed form, you will be sent back to the school to get it.

Volunteers must be fingerprinted at least two (2) weeks BEFORE a field trip in order to receive the background check results. If you aren’t fingerprinted at least two weeks prior to this event, you may not have unsupervised access to students.

Fingerprinting is good for five years (and at no cost to you). At the beginning of each of the subsequent school years, please come to the office to update your information on the volunteer information form.

I appreciate your willingness to volunteer and want to make this a smooth process, and look forward to having you feel comfortable helping out at Hayden Peak Elementary.

Night at the Museum – enjoy our celebration!

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Below is the link that you can see some pictures from the Night at the Museum (our wonderful May family activity).

This will be a new tradition we will keep!



Principal Newsletter – June 2014

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Throughout the school year the Hayden Peak’s school community has been working on “learning, living, and leading” using the 7 Habits as a common framework. It has been exciting to see the students apply the 7 Habits to their lives and evolve as leaders. Hayden Peak Hawks standout! Whether it has been major events – Veteran’s Day program, Night at the Museum, various concerts and performances – or simply offering a helping hand or lifting up a friend in need — your students shine!



As the end of the year approaches I would like to briefly discuss a new habit that is becoming a part of our school’s common framework. Habit 8: Find your voice and inspire others to do likewise. Stephen R. Covey stated, “ One word expresses the pathway to greatness: voice. Those on this path find their voice and inspire others to find theirs. The rest never do.” Mr. Covey continues to define “voice” as the “overlapping of the four parts of our nature – mind, heart, body, and spirit”.



Covey outlines four questions that you can use with your students to help them discover their voice:


·      What are you good at? This is your mind.


·      What do you love doing? This is your heart.


·      What need can you serve? This is your body.


·      What is life asking of you…what is your conscience directing you to do? This is your spirit.



As your students discover their voice, help them identify positive ways to express their voice and inspire others. The ability to inspire others is a powerful thing. To inspire, one must be trustworthy and capable of building trust. As our students continue to understand and apply the principles of Habit 8 they will find themselves heading down “the pathway to greatness”.




Tyler Jones


Assistant Principal


Change in today’s lunch menu

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Good morning everyone,

When Mrs. Barlow, our lunch manager, opened up the bag of potatoes for our baked potato bar yesterday, they were BAD!

Today, choice number one will be pancake sausage on a stick, choice number two will be pork patty dinner, and choice number three will be sack lunch.

We have announced this to our students as well. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but isn’t it nice to see that Mrs. Barlow is watching out for us all?

Road to Success Winner!

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Congratulations to Karsyn in fifth grade! She is our newest Road to Success winner. She has won either a free bike, a free scooter or a free ipod from the Walmart in Jordan Landing!!!!!

We are a part of the Road to Success reading incentive program. We encourage all students to read a minimum of 20 minutes per day, to record their reading days on-line, and to READ, READ, READ!

Leader in Me – Survey

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Hi everyone,

I would love to have your participation in our end-of-year Leader in Me survey. We would like to hear from you.
Is your family benefiting from the Seven Habits learned at school? What thoughts do you have?
Please take a few minutes and click on the link below. It’d be great to hear from you today.



Diena Riddle, Principal

Principal’s Newsletter – May 2014

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I believe that we have some of the greatest educators in the world working here at Hayden Peak Elementary. Our teachers go above and beyond each day. Many come to school early, hold meetings while they are having lunch, and many stay late as well. Once they are home, they continue to think about school and what they can do the next day. Our teachers have a great impact on each student’s life, yet they may never know how.

Having the Leader In Me at our school, we have teachers who are leading by example, using the Seven Habits in their lives. As we are preparing for our Leadership Day event (The Night at the Museum), we have asked every classroom to prepare and participate in this activity that we hope will become a tradition here at Hayden Peak.

Students are preparing skits, songs, choosing their artwork and organizing under the leadership of our school lighthouse team. At this event, students will greet guests, speak publicly and show leadership in different ways.

I believe that your children are in good hands and appreciate our teachers and staff and each of you for the contributions you make at our school and with your children.



Diena Riddle




“It is not only children who grow. Parents do too. As much as we watch to see what our children do with their lives, they are watching us to see what we do with ours. I can’t tell my children to reach for the sun. All I can do is reach for it, myself.”  Joyce Maynard, author






Great Utah Shake-out – April 17

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Our school is participating!

We have participated in the state-wide earthquake drill for several years, and are signed up to participate this year.

On the state site, there is valuable information I would like to share with you.

Organize Disaster Supplies

Icon for Step 2, Plan to be Safe Organize disaster supplies in a few convenient locations – your home, carschool and at work. Routes away from home may be blocked, and help may not get to you for a while. Think about what your family will need if you have to shelter at home for up to three weeks, possibly without water or electricity.  
  • Keep an emergency backpack near the door to “grab-and-go” in case you can’t stay in your home. This is especially important if you live or work in a tsunami zone. Place copies of important documents/cash in a plastic bag in the backpack. Include medication and extra glasses that anyone in your family may need. Other items: water, snacks, baby formula, cell phone chargers, etc.
  • Store emergency supplies in a dry area at home including food and water for your family and pets, clothing, blankets, work gloves, tools, personal care items and anything you will need on a daily basis.
  • Store water for everyone in your family. The recommended amount is one gallon per person or pet per day for at least three days and ideally up to two weeks (even longer if you live in desert or remote areas).
  • Create a kit for your pets that includes dry pet food and any medications they might need. Keep a photo of you with your pet in the kit in case your pet gets lost. Consider implanting an ID “chip” so that your pet can be linked back to you even if you are separated.

Let’s Celebrate a Birthday!

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Dr. Seuss’s birthday is March 3rd. We will celebrate with Green Eggs and Ham on our lunch menu! It’s one of my favorites!

I will be reading some selections from some of my favorite Dr. Seuss books. If your child is lucky, he or she may even win one (as I will pull from super reader slips!)

Let’s make this a fun (birth)day!