Principal’s Newsletter – February 2015

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Dear Parents and Students,

The students we have here are the best! They have a good understanding of making good choices,

setting goals for themselves, and living the Seven Habits of Successful people.

Here are some thoughts shared by some of our sixth graders as they were thinking of

Habit 2 – Begin with the End in Mind.

When people describe me, I would like them to use words like:

“Kind and funny, because I care if anyone is sad. I lift them up. Funny because I make people


“Cool, funny, smart, nice, tall because that is the best way I could describe myself.”

“Sweet, funny, nice, girly-girl.”

“Kind, beautiful, amazing, a good friend, awesome, talented, funny, friendly and confident.”

“Nice, funny, proactive and helpful. I think that I am helpful for a lot of reasons. I like to help

people not feel down and I stand up for them.”

“Nice, awesome, cool, smart, energetic and happy.”

“Nice, exciting, funny and athletic.”

One thing I would like to start doing is:

“Cleaning up after myself more often.”

“I would like to hang out with my friends more often because I hardly hang out with them.”

“Singing or gymnastics.”

“Spending more time with friends and learning how to play more instruments.”

“Putting first things first. I think putting first things first will help people get their grades up so

they can get into a good college.”

“Have more math time. I want more time because it is my favorite subject and we only get one

hour and 15 minutes of math.”

“Help the people who get bullied.”

“Try an uncommon sport, like fencing.

“Clean up after myself, because it irritates my mom and dad.”

One thing I would like to stop doing is:

“Watching TV for hours a day.”

“Being inside and watching the computer.

“Stop waking up at 8 am every day.”

“I have a really bad habit, clutching my hands together.”

“Not joining in on the fun. Sometimes not joining the fun with effect your grade.

“Art, because we would get more time to finish our work.”

“Stop lying and stop being selfish.”

“Being kind-of Mason.”

“I want to stop getting in trouble a lot because I am a nice kid and I love to share with people. I

need to stop getting in trouble.”

My biggest dream is:

“Where I live in a barn with horses, cows and chickens and all sorts of animals.”

“To either be an architect or an engineer.”

“To be a teacher. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher.”

“To marry a nice husband and live in a big house with a ranch, and become a mother.”

“To live in a huge house with dogs and some different animals and have the perfect job.”

“Have a good college with a good education. Having a good college will depend on how your

life goes.”

“To become an inventor.”

Why not take a few minutes and ask your child or children the same questions. Get to know them

better and know what their goals are.

Also, take a few minutes and make family goals for this year. It’s not too late to do so (even in


Listen to your children speak from the heart during our upcoming Student Led Conferences. The

children prepare for this and hope that you will celebrate their accomplishments and support them in

their goal setting.

Attached you will find a “service chart” that has been created by students as part of our Leader in Me

committees. Each day of the month has a suggested act of service, with the name of the student that

has submitted this idea. We hope that these simple suggestions will make an impact for both those

giving and receiving service.


Diena Riddle

Notes from November 6, 2014 meeting

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Date/Time : 11/6/2014 7:30 AM
Location : Hayden Peak
I. Attendees
1. Diena Riddle
6. Emily Kesten
2. Tina Lyon
7. Melissa Hoch
3. Alicia Ryder
8. Greg Hoch
4. Peggy Bawden
5. Kellie Tobin-Nichols
II. Agenda
1. Fundraiser discussion – SCC comm. will meet on 11/12 at 10:30 AM to wrap up fundraiser
2. Curriculum that needs updated? – School district office takes care of this.
3. Biz town bussing – Had a mix up with the time request for the bus.
4. Purpose of SCC – See PDF file on this e-mail
5. Next meeting date? Jan 9th at 7:30 AM. March 13th at 7:30 AM. May 8th at 7:30 AM.
III. Additional topics of discussion
Any more parent members needed? – Yes. Alicia has another parent coming to the next meeting

Greg will follow up on business partnerships and the parking area by the north side drop off. We also discussed the Risk Management assessment regarding the drop off and pick up areas.

SCC members to petition city to not allow vehicles to park on the street by the north entrance during school hours.

It’s True!

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The Skylert just went out!
It’s true!
We are going “Traditional” next year.
This means lots of changes — both good ones and ones that will be different for us!
Stay tuned! Get excited!

Principal’s message – December 2014

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December 2014

Dear Parents,

Time is flying past us very quickly. We at Hayden Peak Elementary had a busy October. Red Ribbon week was successful and each on-track class had parties for Halloween. We also had Dads and Donuts and our fall book fair. We also enjoyed a family week. Thank you to our great PTA and all of our parent volunteers for helping with these activities.

We also had our student-led conferences last month. We pride ourselves in the high percentage of parents who join us for our conferences. If, by chance, you haven’t had the opportunity to conference in person or over the phone, please do not hesitate to contact your teacher to arrange for this.

SAGE results have been released to us by the Utah State Office of Education. Students in grades 4-6 who attended Hayden Peak during the 2013-2014 school year received a copy of their scores at the student-led conferences. A parent letter on how to interpret the scores was also given to you at that time.

Our Veterans Day celebration was amazing. Thank you for the great Veterans for your past or current service. A huge thanks to Mrs. McKnight and Mrs. Ryan-Davis for heading this, and for everyone who participated.

We are finishing up Habit 2, Begin with the End in Mind (our Leader in Me program). Throughout December we will be focusing on Habit 3, Put First Things First. This means to work first, then play. Some ways you can help your child develop this habit are:

*Give your child some important responsibilities such as making his/her bed, doing their homework, taking out the garbage, and talk to him/her about the importance of being responsible.
*Have your child do homework before they play.
*Have your child do his/her least favorite or hardest part of homework first.

Thank you for your continued involvement and support at our school. I wish you all a wonderful holiday season where you can strengthen relationships with your family.


Mrs. Riddle

It’s our tradition

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We have our annual Veterans Day assembly at 10:00 am. Be sure to come early so you’ll have a great seat (and a parking spot).
A big thanks to Mrs. McKnight and Mrs. Ryan-Davis as they were in charge of this.
Another big thanks to our Harmony leaders and our Student Lighthouse team and all of the boys and girls who have written stories, drawn pictures, practiced or prepared and participated in any way!

Veterans Day Program

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All Veterans are invited to come to our Veterans Day Program.
This will be on Tuesday, November 11th at 10:00 am in our gym.
If you are a Veteran or are currently serving, we would be honored to have you join us.

November 2014 Principal Message

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A Message from our Principal
November 2014

Dear Hayden Peak Families,
We recently shared Language Arts growth scores as part of our Trust Lands report, and I met with all of our teachers regarding our SAGE results for grades 3-6. As a school, we discuss data in our PLC’s and team meetings.
I have also written letters to parents of our first through third grade students addressing the current reading status (on or below level) for their child in those grade levels. (Teachers hired by Jordan School District are the evaluators that give the DIBELS assessment to each child within the first two weeks of school.) This test is used to determine the on or below status for each child as required by the Legislator. As a parent of first, second and third grade students, I encourage you to reach out to the classroom teacher if you have any questions about how well your child is doing in reading.
SAGE testing data for grades 4-6 will be available as part of our student-led conferences this year. As you review the data, there will be a sheet provided to help ‘decipher’ the assessments. Keep in mind that you cannot compare the CRT scores with SAGE scores. The rigor of the new assessment is significantly greater than the previous assessment (CRT).
Our increased rigor is aligned to the Utah State Core Standards both pedagogically and academically. As all teachers continue to teach the Utah Core, I anticipate increased proficiency over the next few years.
We are here to help you and your children be successful. Please don’t wait until conferences if you have academic or other concerns that you could bring up with your child’s teacher. We appreciate your communication and teamwork to create the best learning scenario. We welcome your input and want to do what’s best for our children.
We have the best kids in the state, with concerned and caring parents, and a wonderful faculty. Thank you for trusting us to work with your child.

Diena Riddle, Principal

October Newsletter

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Dear Parents,

Recently I shared with you the importance of school attendance, and I would like to share with you the attendance codes that are uniform throughout our district. Added, you may note, is the importance of sending to the office a written excuse. That had not previously been a part of the excusal system. Please submit the written excuses for absences to the office within two days after an absence.

Attendance Codes – Jordan School District

Throughout our district, ALL schools are using the same attendance codes. This means that when your children go to middle school and then on to high school, the attendance codes on Skyward will be the same. Following are the most common codes that we all will be using.

A         Absent  The student was absent and the school received NO CALL or NOTE from the parent or guardian. An “A” will show for morning absence and an “A” will show for an afternoon absence.

C         Check in/out  The student checked in with a valid and verified excuse, then checks out later I the day or period with a valid and verified excuse.

D         In-School Suspension  The student has been placed in in-school suspension, during part of all of the day.

E          Verified excused absence    The student was absent and is considered excused because of illness, medical/dental appointment verified by parent AND note from doctor, death/funeral of family member, family wedding, court appearance, etc.

G         Guardian knowledge    The student was absent and is considered unexcused because the parent or guardian provided a call, not considered excused by the Truancy Court or Jordan School District. (Going out to lunch, snowboarding, sleeping in, etc.)

H         Home and Hospital    The student is receiving educational services at home due to extended illness, injury or disciplinary placement.

 I          Check in    Student was absent during the beginning of the day and checked in with a valid and verified excuse, including a written note.

N         School Activity

The student is out of class due to a school-sponsored activity.

O         Check out   The student was absent during the end of the day or period and checked out with a valid and verified excuse.

Q         Student absence with a parent note  The student has an absence verified by a parent note (written parent note must be turned in to the office within two days of the absence)

S          Suspension  The student is out of school on suspension.

T         Tardy   The student came to school late.

V         Vacation/Education leave    The student is absent due to a prearranged vacation or education leave (through the main office). (Paperwork to request vacation/education leave must be completed prior to the vacation. When work is completed and the office receives notice of the completed work, the absence code will be changed on the computer.)

Z         Verified Truancy    The student was truant and the truancy was verified by parents, police or school officials. This includes a student leaving school without checkout through the office not arriving at school as expected by parents and school authorities, or missing any part of or all of a scheduled class without permission.

If there are attendance issues, a call home may be followed by a letter if attendance issues (including tardies) appear to be habitual.

Please refer back to this post to help you clarify attendance marks as you see them on Skyward.

If you are not updating information on Skyward or checking Skyward frequently, please take a moment to do so.

As we will soon be experiencing colder weather, we will also be experiencing more colds and other illnesses. It is important to keep your child home when they are experiencing runny noses, coughs, diarrhea or other illnesses such as pink eye. A phone call to the office will alleviate the automated call home. Don’t forget to send a note to excuse the illnesses when your child returns to school.


Diena Riddle, Principal



September’s Newsletter

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September 2014 Principal’s Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Last week I started writing up and printing out attendance letters that will be going home. It’s my responsibility to keep track of student attendance, which includes tardies and checking in or checking out from school.

Recently, the Deseret News had an article that discussed the problems with students missing school and how the problem often starts in elementary schools. Nationally, there is an attendance initiative called Attendance works. This program asks parents to help combat absenteeism by getting their non-sick children to school on time every day.

How can you help?

  • Establish good routines for going to bed early and having your kids wake up on time.
  • Talk to children about why going to school every day is important and critical.
  • Create a back-up plan for getting your children to school if something comes up.
  • Call and let us know if your child is going to be out of school and why.
  • Consider using the ‘Educational Leave” form. Filling this out prior to a trip or vacation gives you the opportunity to know the work your child will miss, but must also be turned in completed to have it count as vacation leave. (Your child will not be able to make up the classroom instruction and checking for understanding that will be missed, so that will be your responsibility to do as a parent.)

Our bottom line is that school is meaningful and important. Your attitude towards school influences your child’s attitude towards school. We want your children here!


Diena Riddle, Principal


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Some interesting facts from the Get Schooled’s Skipping School to Nowhere report:

  • 7 million children miss a month or more of school each year. That’s more than the number of all students in the state of California.
  • Kids who miss more than ten (10) days of school in one academic year are less likely to graduate from high school.
  • Kids who miss more than ten (10) days of school in one academic year are 25% less likely to even enroll in college.