Come for Breakfast!

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Parents and students and younger siblings!

Please join us in the morning (May 13, 2015) at 7:30 am for Breakfast! Those students and families who have students in Harmony, please come at 7:00 am.

Parents pay just $2, and younger siblings and students are FREE! Seriously! FREE!
We are having French toast strips, sausage, fresh fruit and milk. YUM YUM!

Students who attend Hayden Peak will punch in their numbers to give our school credit for eating, but will not be charged for breakfast.

Did I mention that Big Budah from Fox 13 will also be here? LIVE! If you can’t make it to breakfast, watch him on 13!

(Please enter through the cafeteria doors.)

Parents — Your Leader in Me survey is waiting!

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Dear Parents,

We need your help with our work with The Leader in Me. As we continue to teach the children important leadership skills, we are also working toward becoming a Lighthouse School. A Lighthouse School is one that is identified as one of the best at their implementation of The Leader in Me with students. There are approximately 1,800 Leader in Me schools in the United States, and about 100 of them are Lighthouse Schools. We really want to be among the best!

The link below is to a parent survey that will provide data to support our implementation of The Leader in Me. I took the survey myself, so I know that it has about 25 questions and it takes about ten minutes to complete the survey. All of the questions were multiple-choice type answers with a single click to answer the questions.

This is the survey link: (You may need to copy and paste it in your browser.)

Thank you so much for helping us reach the important landmark of becoming a Lighthouse School by providing us with your input on this survey. We hope to hit Lighthouse Status this upcoming year.

Your partner in education,

Diena Riddle, Principal

Parents! We need your input!

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Prior to our Leader in Me “Night at the Museum”, we are asking that you take ten minutes to answer this
Parent survey. It is a requirement of the financial grant we received to help fund this program.

Your help would be appreciated!

(copy and paste this in your browser)

Students in grades 4-6 will have the opportunity to take the survey at school. All teachers and staff members have been asked to take a survey as well.


Spring Pictures — April 7th

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Important Parent Information Below

Hayden Peak Elementary School
Picture Day: Tuesday, April 7
It’s easy to create your own package
Ordering online is quick, easy, and gives you a wide selection of choices:

Go to
Create your own package with the sizes and quantities you want.
Pay online and your order is complete!

Envision Utah – get involved and get us cash!

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Dear Parents,

We have been invited by Envision Utah to participate in a conversation about Utah’s future by completing a survey entitled “Your Utah Your Future”. They are asking Utahans across the state to carefully consider the information presented in the survey and make choices based on what they want Utah to be like in the year 2050. The results will be used to create a vision for the state that will be a guide to policymakers, local governments, businesses, developers, and all of us as we prepare for the future. Please be thoughtful and conscientious about your responses. The survey should take anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes, depending on how deeply you wish to examine the information available.

We invite you log on to to complete the survey. Not only is this information valuable to planning the future in Utah, Envision Utah will donate $1 to our school for every parent, teacher, staff member, or adult community member who takes the survey in behalf of our school. There will be a place at the end of the survey to indicate Hayden Peak Elementary.

This survey will launch Thursday, April 2nd and will run through May 31st.

Thank you,

Diena Riddle

Spring! And Safety!

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Dear parents and guardians,
Think Safety as you think Spring. Both go hand-in-hand.
More children will be riding bikes, scooters and walking to school. This is great IF more children are doing it safely. Helmets, chains for bikes and scooters, and following the crossing guards and safety patrol and your family’s rules make it the best.
Please remind your children to respect our neighbors by not crossing through private property, and respecting trees and flowers and bushes by not tugging on them, picking them or breaking them off.
You can also demonstrate respect and following safety guidelines as you pick up and drop your children in the pick-up/drop off areas. The ‘it doesn’t apply to me, I’m only going to leave my car for a few minutes’ in this area makes it difficult for everyone. If you are going to park you car, please park your car and use the crosswalks to pick up your children or bring them in to the building.
Kindergarten parents — please respect this rule as well. If you leave your car in the pick up/drop off area to wait for your children, you hold up others who are trying to drop off or pick up. This applies to our afternoon kindergarteners and parents as well.
Would you please help us with this?

Principal’s Newsletter – February 2015

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Dear Parents and Students,

The students we have here are the best! They have a good understanding of making good choices,

setting goals for themselves, and living the Seven Habits of Successful people.

Here are some thoughts shared by some of our sixth graders as they were thinking of

Habit 2 – Begin with the End in Mind.

When people describe me, I would like them to use words like:

“Kind and funny, because I care if anyone is sad. I lift them up. Funny because I make people


“Cool, funny, smart, nice, tall because that is the best way I could describe myself.”

“Sweet, funny, nice, girly-girl.”

“Kind, beautiful, amazing, a good friend, awesome, talented, funny, friendly and confident.”

“Nice, funny, proactive and helpful. I think that I am helpful for a lot of reasons. I like to help

people not feel down and I stand up for them.”

“Nice, awesome, cool, smart, energetic and happy.”

“Nice, exciting, funny and athletic.”

One thing I would like to start doing is:

“Cleaning up after myself more often.”

“I would like to hang out with my friends more often because I hardly hang out with them.”

“Singing or gymnastics.”

“Spending more time with friends and learning how to play more instruments.”

“Putting first things first. I think putting first things first will help people get their grades up so

they can get into a good college.”

“Have more math time. I want more time because it is my favorite subject and we only get one

hour and 15 minutes of math.”

“Help the people who get bullied.”

“Try an uncommon sport, like fencing.

“Clean up after myself, because it irritates my mom and dad.”

One thing I would like to stop doing is:

“Watching TV for hours a day.”

“Being inside and watching the computer.

“Stop waking up at 8 am every day.”

“I have a really bad habit, clutching my hands together.”

“Not joining in on the fun. Sometimes not joining the fun with effect your grade.

“Art, because we would get more time to finish our work.”

“Stop lying and stop being selfish.”

“Being kind-of Mason.”

“I want to stop getting in trouble a lot because I am a nice kid and I love to share with people. I

need to stop getting in trouble.”

My biggest dream is:

“Where I live in a barn with horses, cows and chickens and all sorts of animals.”

“To either be an architect or an engineer.”

“To be a teacher. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher.”

“To marry a nice husband and live in a big house with a ranch, and become a mother.”

“To live in a huge house with dogs and some different animals and have the perfect job.”

“Have a good college with a good education. Having a good college will depend on how your

life goes.”

“To become an inventor.”

Why not take a few minutes and ask your child or children the same questions. Get to know them

better and know what their goals are.

Also, take a few minutes and make family goals for this year. It’s not too late to do so (even in


Listen to your children speak from the heart during our upcoming Student Led Conferences. The

children prepare for this and hope that you will celebrate their accomplishments and support them in

their goal setting.

Attached you will find a “service chart” that has been created by students as part of our Leader in Me

committees. Each day of the month has a suggested act of service, with the name of the student that

has submitted this idea. We hope that these simple suggestions will make an impact for both those

giving and receiving service.


Diena Riddle

Notes from November 6, 2014 meeting

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Date/Time : 11/6/2014 7:30 AM
Location : Hayden Peak
I. Attendees
1. Diena Riddle
6. Emily Kesten
2. Tina Lyon
7. Melissa Hoch
3. Alicia Ryder
8. Greg Hoch
4. Peggy Bawden
5. Kellie Tobin-Nichols
II. Agenda
1. Fundraiser discussion – SCC comm. will meet on 11/12 at 10:30 AM to wrap up fundraiser
2. Curriculum that needs updated? – School district office takes care of this.
3. Biz town bussing – Had a mix up with the time request for the bus.
4. Purpose of SCC – See PDF file on this e-mail
5. Next meeting date? Jan 9th at 7:30 AM. March 13th at 7:30 AM. May 8th at 7:30 AM.
III. Additional topics of discussion
Any more parent members needed? – Yes. Alicia has another parent coming to the next meeting

Greg will follow up on business partnerships and the parking area by the north side drop off. We also discussed the Risk Management assessment regarding the drop off and pick up areas.

SCC members to petition city to not allow vehicles to park on the street by the north entrance during school hours.

It’s True!

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The Skylert just went out!
It’s true!
We are going “Traditional” next year.
This means lots of changes — both good ones and ones that will be different for us!
Stay tuned! Get excited!