October Newsletter

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Dear Parents,

Recently I shared with you the importance of school attendance, and I would like to share with you the attendance codes that are uniform throughout our district. Added, you may note, is the importance of sending to the office a written excuse. That had not previously been a part of the excusal system. Please submit the written excuses for absences to the office within two days after an absence.

Attendance Codes – Jordan School District

Throughout our district, ALL schools are using the same attendance codes. This means that when your children go to middle school and then on to high school, the attendance codes on Skyward will be the same. Following are the most common codes that we all will be using.

A         Absent  The student was absent and the school received NO CALL or NOTE from the parent or guardian. An “A” will show for morning absence and an “A” will show for an afternoon absence.

C         Check in/out  The student checked in with a valid and verified excuse, then checks out later I the day or period with a valid and verified excuse.

D         In-School Suspension  The student has been placed in in-school suspension, during part of all of the day.

E          Verified excused absence    The student was absent and is considered excused because of illness, medical/dental appointment verified by parent AND note from doctor, death/funeral of family member, family wedding, court appearance, etc.

G         Guardian knowledge    The student was absent and is considered unexcused because the parent or guardian provided a call, not considered excused by the Truancy Court or Jordan School District. (Going out to lunch, snowboarding, sleeping in, etc.)

H         Home and Hospital    The student is receiving educational services at home due to extended illness, injury or disciplinary placement.

 I          Check in    Student was absent during the beginning of the day and checked in with a valid and verified excuse, including a written note.

N         School Activity

The student is out of class due to a school-sponsored activity.

O         Check out   The student was absent during the end of the day or period and checked out with a valid and verified excuse.

Q         Student absence with a parent note  The student has an absence verified by a parent note (written parent note must be turned in to the office within two days of the absence)

S          Suspension  The student is out of school on suspension.

T         Tardy   The student came to school late.

V         Vacation/Education leave    The student is absent due to a prearranged vacation or education leave (through the main office). (Paperwork to request vacation/education leave must be completed prior to the vacation. When work is completed and the office receives notice of the completed work, the absence code will be changed on the computer.)

Z         Verified Truancy    The student was truant and the truancy was verified by parents, police or school officials. This includes a student leaving school without checkout through the office not arriving at school as expected by parents and school authorities, or missing any part of or all of a scheduled class without permission.

If there are attendance issues, a call home may be followed by a letter if attendance issues (including tardies) appear to be habitual.

Please refer back to this post to help you clarify attendance marks as you see them on Skyward.

If you are not updating information on Skyward or checking Skyward frequently, please take a moment to do so.

As we will soon be experiencing colder weather, we will also be experiencing more colds and other illnesses. It is important to keep your child home when they are experiencing runny noses, coughs, diarrhea or other illnesses such as pink eye. A phone call to the office will alleviate the automated call home. Don’t forget to send a note to excuse the illnesses when your child returns to school.


Diena Riddle, Principal



September’s Newsletter

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September 2014 Principal’s Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Last week I started writing up and printing out attendance letters that will be going home. It’s my responsibility to keep track of student attendance, which includes tardies and checking in or checking out from school.

Recently, the Deseret News had an article that discussed the problems with students missing school and how the problem often starts in elementary schools. Nationally, there is an attendance initiative called Attendance works. This program asks parents to help combat absenteeism by getting their non-sick children to school on time every day.

How can you help?

  • Establish good routines for going to bed early and having your kids wake up on time.
  • Talk to children about why going to school every day is important and critical.
  • Create a back-up plan for getting your children to school if something comes up.
  • Call and let us know if your child is going to be out of school and why.
  • Consider using the ‘Educational Leave” form. Filling this out prior to a trip or vacation gives you the opportunity to know the work your child will miss, but must also be turned in completed to have it count as vacation leave. (Your child will not be able to make up the classroom instruction and checking for understanding that will be missed, so that will be your responsibility to do as a parent.)

Our bottom line is that school is meaningful and important. Your attitude towards school influences your child’s attitude towards school. We want your children here!


Diena Riddle, Principal


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Some interesting facts from the Get Schooled’s Skipping School to Nowhere report:

  • 7 million children miss a month or more of school each year. That’s more than the number of all students in the state of California.
  • Kids who miss more than ten (10) days of school in one academic year are less likely to graduate from high school.
  • Kids who miss more than ten (10) days of school in one academic year are 25% less likely to even enroll in college.

STEM Day – October 1st

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We are looking for volunteers to help us with STEM Day (formerly known as Tool Day).

Forms are needed by tomorrow (September 24th). Right now, we don’t have enough volunteers to hold this on October 1st.

Please let us know in the main office if you are willing to help. If you have already turned in the form, THANK YOU!!!!


Need some help (with math)?

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“It’s pretty rigorous. It’s difficult to explain at times. It’s different then when I was a kid.”

What are people talking about? Math!

Click below to get some helpful resources as you are working with your children and math. I hope it helps!


Please consider ….

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We still need a few more students to enroll in band and/or orchestra. Please stop by the main office for more information!

Potential Orchestra and Band students — we need you!

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We know that many students would like to sign up for either band or or orchestra — but we need at least three more students to sign up for orchestra. As of today, orchestra is closed because we have nine students signed up and we need a minimum of twelve students.

Please consider signing up — come to the main office to get the sign-up sheet!


It’s Classic Skating Night!

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It’s tonight!

5:30 – 8:30 pm

It’s at Classic Skating

It’s PTA sponsored.

You can join PTA tonight!

All kids who have someone that has joined PTA gets a FREE BOOK!

Come have fun as a family.

See you there!

D track’s Back to School Night *August 28th*

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It’s Thursday, August 28th


It’s new!

It’s Back to School Night (D track)

It’s a different format! (two flyers should have gone home).

We will begin right at 6 p.m. in your first rotation. We’ll be showing a 6-minute video.

At the end of the first session, we’ll show the video again.

After the video you will be released to attend the second and last session.

We hope this format is more efficient as we know your time is valuable.

We scored ‘Above Average’ in the Cafeteria

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Please watch this video. You’ll need to copy and paste it on your browser.

We had Fox 13, Channels 4 and 5, as well as the Deseret News at our school today!

Thank you to all the boys and girls who were interviewed!

Back to School NIght! (A, B, and C)

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It’s tonight!


It’s new!

It’s Back to School Night (A, B and C)

It’s a different format! (two flyers should have gone home).

We will begin right at 6 p.m. in your first rotation.

At the end of the first session, we will play a 6 minute video.

After the video you will be released to attend the second and last session.

We hope this format is more efficient as we know your time is valuable.

See you tonight!

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