Great Utah Shake-out – April 17

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Our school is participating!

We have participated in the state-wide earthquake drill for several years, and are signed up to participate this year.

On the state site, there is valuable information I would like to share with you.

Organize Disaster Supplies

Icon for Step 2, Plan to be Safe Organize disaster supplies in a few convenient locations – your home, carschool and at work. Routes away from home may be blocked, and help may not get to you for a while. Think about what your family will need if you have to shelter at home for up to three weeks, possibly without water or electricity.  
  • Keep an emergency backpack near the door to “grab-and-go” in case you can’t stay in your home. This is especially important if you live or work in a tsunami zone. Place copies of important documents/cash in a plastic bag in the backpack. Include medication and extra glasses that anyone in your family may need. Other items: water, snacks, baby formula, cell phone chargers, etc.
  • Store emergency supplies in a dry area at home including food and water for your family and pets, clothing, blankets, work gloves, tools, personal care items and anything you will need on a daily basis.
  • Store water for everyone in your family. The recommended amount is one gallon per person or pet per day for at least three days and ideally up to two weeks (even longer if you live in desert or remote areas).
  • Create a kit for your pets that includes dry pet food and any medications they might need. Keep a photo of you with your pet in the kit in case your pet gets lost. Consider implanting an ID “chip” so that your pet can be linked back to you even if you are separated.

Let’s Celebrate a Birthday!

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Dr. Seuss’s birthday is March 3rd. We will celebrate with Green Eggs and Ham on our lunch menu! It’s one of my favorites!

I will be reading some selections from some of my favorite Dr. Seuss books. If your child is lucky, he or she may even win one (as I will pull from super reader slips!)

Let’s make this a fun (birth)day!

Synergizing – March 2014

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Principal Newsletter

March 2014


During the past holiday season, many families in our neighborhoods looked for ways to help others in need. Why do we limit this goodness to holidays?


This month we begin talking about synergizing (Habit #6). Are there some spring projects that you and your family could do together to help others or to strengthen your family?


Below are some positives to spending time together and lend a helping hand to others.


·       First, spending time together just feels good! You strengthen the identity of your family when you spend time together.


·       When you volunteer in your community, you teach your children that volunteering is valued.


·       It gives your children a sense of responsibility. Your children will see from you that a commitment means being on time, doing your best, doing what you say you will do, and feeling good about the results of volunteering.


·       Children learn that one family, one person, can make a difference. Children learn that they and their family can have an impact on someone or something else.


·       Children can learn the benefit of sacrifice. Children learn that there are more important things beside themselves.


·       Children learn that working together as a family can unite the family and that two heads are better than one.


·       Children learn about fields that may help them decide on future careers. (Sometimes they can learn what they don’t want to do in a future career!)


·       Children learn to use time to help others. We hope that children will learn that we’re all responsible for the well being of our communities. Whatever community service you choose, your community and your family will benefit.


I encourage you to synergize with your family– because together is better. Seek out solutions to help other people solve problems. Teaming with your family and others to do service for someone who may be elderly or just need help in your neighborhood would be a wonderful way to synergize.


Together, we can create better solutions to every day problems. We will focus on synergizing at school this month – creating better solutions to our every-day problems.


Diena Riddle


PTA fundraiser

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Our A&B tracks are in full swing with the cookie dough fundraiser. The top sellers will be able to silly string Mrs. Riddle. Their fundraiser is due on March 26th. Let’s see what happens!

Town Hall Meeting – 2014 Legislative Session

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SAVE THE DATE: February 18, 2014 
7:00 p.m.   at West Hills Middle School Media Center
(8270 Grizzly Way, West Jordan)

Come and meet the Senators and Representatives who are representing you this Legislative Session. The State Legislators from our district have been invited to discuss their current bills and legislative priorities.

Many bills will have a direct impact on our schools. Please attend to gain a better understanding of the critical issues facing our district, and let your voice be heard.

This message is sponsored by the Jordan School District Board of Education and Region 6 Jordan PTA.


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Because of teacher illness, there is no math club today. We let our students know during morning announcements, and many have called home to let their parents know. We won’t have math club next Wednesday due to student-led conferences for A&B tracks on that day.

SunSafe Utah Poster Contest

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Has your child wanted something to do outside of school?

Well, they are cordially invited to participate in this year’s K-8 SunWise with SHADE Poster Contest.

One American dies every hour from skin cancer, and it is the most common form of cancer in the U.S.

The national winner in the 4th-8th grade category wins a family trip to Washington, D.C., and other students can win prizes.

Go to to participate.

Learn more about sun safety with free materials at

A great story!

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  11:11am Feb 4
One of our sweet students, Aspen, is back to competing on ice. Recently, she participated in two categories at the Olympic Oval. She dedicated her Fast Track competition at the Intermountain Winter Classic to Brain Tumor Awareness. Aspen took 1st place!She also took 1st place in her Showcase performance.
She will be competing in the Freestyle on Wednesday!
We are so proud of her.
Recently, Aspen was interviewed for a special inspirational story with Fox 13 news.
Almost a year ago, Aspen was diagnosed with cancer and her family was given little hope. Today, Aspen is a miracle who inspires us all!

Seven Habits Rap!

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Students from Ms. Alev Arli’s sixth grade class came to my office yesterday with a great idea. How about me trying one of the app’s they had found? I said I would, and while they worked with me, we made this Seven Habits Rap!

A special thanks to my these sixth grade student leaders. They brought me ‘bling’ to wear as we shared this in our morning announcements.

Living the Seven Habits — Riddle-the-Riddle Rapper!

(A big thanks to you students – you know who you are!)
Listen to it here!

To our “Souper” bowl Fans out there

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·     I would like to share information regarding the Souper Bowl of Caring.  Check out the following link and see how you can get involved with the Souper Bowl of Caring.

A point to remember — every and all donations collected should be sent to the Foundation.  There’s a link at to make an electronic donation if you would like to participate!