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Education Support Professionals

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Photo of Macarena Cabezas
Macarena Cabezas Playground/Workroom Assistant
No Photo Available
Beth Emett Math Aide
Photo of Rendi Freimuth
Rendi Freimuth P.E. Assistant
Photo of Melanie Gardner
Melanie Gardner Kindergarten Assistant
No Photo Available
Sherrie Gardner STEAM Special
Photo of Ashley Gillett
Ashley Gillett Kindergarten Assistant
No Photo Available
Jamie Harwood Classroom Assistant Sub
Photo of Charlene Hawkins
Charlene Hawkins Resource Assistant
Photo of Stacy Hutchinson
Stacy Hutchinson Media Assistant
Photo of Alesha Jardine
Alesha Jardine Literacy Aide
Photo of Krysti Libby
Krysti Libby Playground/Copyroom Assistant
Photo of Tina Lyon
Tina Lyon Data Assistant
Photo of Winnie Mak
Winnie Mak Playground/Copyroom Assistant
Photo of Susan Mejia
Susan Mejia Literacy Aide
Photo of MeriLynne Michaelis
MeriLynne Michaelis Music Assistant
Photo of Kenda Millet
Kenda Millet Literacy Aide
No Photo Available
Iris Miyamoto Literacy Aide
Photo of Amy Neilson
Amy Neilson Wellness Center Assistant
Photo of Lexi Nielson
Lexi Nielson Math Aide