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Pick-up, Drop-off & Parking Procedures

Hayden Peak is fortunate to have 2 pick-up and drop-off areas located on the North and East sides of our school. For the safety of all our students at Hayden Peak, we ask that you follow the procedures below.

  • Enter the Pick-up and Drop-off lanes on either side of the school. (Please do not pull ahead of others in the thru lane as this is dangerous and slows traffic.)
  • Pull all the way forward to the yellow line or the car in front of you. (Please do not stop without pulling completely forward.)
  • Stay in your vehicle and pull forward as space becomes available.
  • Students should enter and exit vehicles on the curbside of the road.  Please plan car seats accordingly.
  • Exit the drop-off loop by pulling into the thru lane.
  • Yield to students in crosswalks and obey safety patrol students and teachers.
  • Cars in the drop-off loop have traffic priority. Parents parked in the parking lot need to yield to cars in the drop-off loop.
  • Parents who wish to accompany younger students to and from the school should park in a designated stall. There is no parking in the pick-up/drop-off loop.
  • Use crosswalks and sidewalks with your children.

Thank you for helping us keep all of our children safe at Hayden Peak Elementary!

Parking Procedures