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School Community Council

Dear Parents and Community Members,

We invite each of you to participate in our school Community Council as we strive to provide an exceptional education to our students. All our meetings are open to the public and you are invited and encouraged to participate in our school! Please see our school calendar for our meeting dates and time.

School Community Council Members

SCC Member

Email Phone SCC Role
Tina Lyon 503-701-0458 Chair (Parent)
Leslee McGee 801-541-5534 Vice Chair (Parent)
Jennifer Fisher 801-280-0722 Principal/Director
Peggy Bawden 801-280-0722 Secretary
Regan Stowell School Employee
Juli Newman Parent/Licensed District Employee
Erik Best Parent
Jason Wiersdorf 801-941-7693 Parent
Liz Johnson Parent
Amy Glaubensklee Parent