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School Community Council 2017-18

Dear Parents and Community Members,

We invite each of you to participate in our school Community Council as we strive to provide an exceptional education to our students. All our meetings are open to the public and you are invited and encouraged to participate in our school! Please see our school calendar for our meeting dates and time.


School Community Council


Tina Lyon (Chair)



Greg Hoch (Vice Chair)



Jason Wiersdorf (Secretary)



Dave Butler (Principal)



Andrea Marshall (Parent)



Ann Robbins (Teacher)



Hayden Peak SCC Rules of Order and Procedure

Hayden Peak 2017-18 Landtrust Plan


School Community Council Minutes

SCC Minutes March 23, 2018

SCC Minutes Jan 19 2018 (SNAP)

SCC Minutes Nov 17 2017

SCC Minutes Sept 15, 2017

SCC Minutes May 19, 2017

SCC Minutes Mar 31, 2017

SCC Minutes Feb. 3, 2017

SCC Minutes Oct 28, 2016

SCC Minutes Sept. 7, 2016

SCC Minutes May 27, 2016

SCC Minutes March 18, 2016

SCC Minutes February 5, 2016

SCC Minutes Nov. 20, 2015

SCC Minutes Sept. 4, 2015