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Support Staff

Computer Lab

Photo of Jeniffer Murphy
Jeniffer Murphy Computer Lab Assistant
Photo of DeAnn Thompson
DeAnn Thompson Computer Lab Assistant

Data Assistant

Photo of Tina Lyon
Tina Lyon Data Assistant

Intervention Assistants

Photo of Karrlee Ewer
Karrlee Ewer Intervention Assistant
Photo of Jacqui Gale
Jacqui Gale Intervention Assistant
Photo of Ashley Gillette
Ashley Gillette Intervention Assistant
Photo of Alesha Jardine
Alesha Jardine Intervention Assistant
Photo of Robyn Larsen
Robyn Larsen Intervention Assistant
Photo of Kenda Millet
Kenda Millet Intervention Assistant
Photo of Tricia Wilkinson
Tricia Wilkinson Intervention Assistant

Kindergarten Assistants

Photo of Heather Brady
Heather Brady Kindergarten Assistant
Photo of Brenda Smith
Brenda Smith Kindergarten Assistant

Lunch Room Staff

Photo of Sharon Barlow
Sharon Barlow Nutrition Manager
Photo of Lyn Booth
Lyn Booth Lunch Staff
Photo of Bailey Carlson
Bailey Carlson Lunch Staff
Photo of Glenna Fincher
Glenna Fincher Lunch Staff
Photo of Leslie Frost
Leslie Frost Lunch Staff
Photo of Beth Lamphear
Beth Lamphear Lunch Staff
Photo of Yukari Orme
Yukari Orme Lunch Staff
Photo of Jennifer Reading
Jennifer Reading Lunch Staff

Media Assistants

Photo of Cathy Lutz
Cathy Lutz Media Center Assistant
Photo of Becky McGee
Becky McGee Media Center Assistant

Music Assistant

Photo of MeriLynne Michaelis
MeriLynne Michaelis Music Assistant

P.E. Assistants

Photo of Shelly Coray
Shelly Coray P.E. Assistant
Photo of Rendi Freimuth
Rendi Freimuth P.E. Assistant
Photo of Julie Weir
Julie Weir P.E. Assistant

Playground/Workroom Assistants

Photo of Mandi Carter
Mandi Carter Playground/Workroom Assistants
Photo of Terra Lloyd
Terra Lloyd Playground/Workroom Assistants
Photo of Denise Strong
Denise Strong Playground/Workroom Assistants

Resource Assistants

Photo of Trina Bills
Trina Bills Resource Assistant
Photo of Shelly Danielson
Shelly Danielson Resource Assistant
Photo of Charlene Hawkins
Charlene Hawkins Resource Assistant
Photo of Sarah Rock
Sarah Rock Resource Assistant

STEAM Assistants

Photo of Candice Clark
Candice Clark STEAM Assistant
Photo of Sherrie Gardner
Sherrie Gardner STEAM Assistant
Photo of Lynisa Peck
Lynisa Peck STEAM Assistant