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Karen Foote

BTS Arts Specialist
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I teach art two weeks a month at Hayden Peak. Yes, I love art so much. Art was my first major in college. This is by far my favorite job I’ve ever had. I enjoy seeing the children at Hayden Peak create new art projects each week. I grew up in New York City, my father was an artist and I watched him draw and paint everyday. He has been my greatest inspiration as an artist! I have been at Hayden Peak for four years, so I have seen many students make great progress in their artistic abilities! I try to share my favorite books with the students also. I think good literature helps focus students more on their art work! I also love sharing my room with MeriLynne Michaelis, the music teacher at Hayden Peak. I enjoy doing things with my sons and their families. My three grandchildren add so much joy to my life!

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