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Principal’s Newsletter – January 2020

Hawkeye News

January 2020

Dear Hayden Peak Families,

Welcome back to school!  It’s 2020, a year that we expect to be terrific for our school community.  We know we are not unique in recognizing that the symbolism of “20-20” is about vision, focus and clarity, and we intend to continue our focus on both academic and emotional wellness for our students and staff.

We are excited about some additional supports for our students at recess.  Just before the Winter Recess, we introduced new recess equipment and supply carts.  This month, we are focusing on four recess games that many of our students will enjoy playing together—Four Square, Lightning, Around the World, and Horse.  Our PE teachers are helping students all play with the same rules, and our school psychologist is helping students learn simple conflict resolution strategies to help when kids aren’t sure how to get through a game.  Each class in 5th and 6th grade has chosen two or three recess coaches who will support recesses once a week in grades 1-4, helping students play these games and practice good teamwork.  Of course, participation with a recess coach is optional; the goal is to create more healthy choices for all our students when they are outdoors.  Each month, we will let you know what our selected games are, and you might want to even play them “the Hayden Peak way” at home.  (Just a reminder about recess—students go outside if it is 20 degrees with the wind chill, so do remember to come to school in warm clothes!)

Our academic focus is laser sharp too!  Teachers are participating in on-going training within our school and district intended to strengthen language arts and math instruction as well as preparing for new state science standards in grades K-5 (which haven’t been updated since 2010).   Our students who meet academic goals with their teachers are invited to participate in an academic awards party; the next one will be held school-wide at the end of March.

One of our most enjoyable days with students is the day we bring around the cart of small prizes for perfect attendance each month.  Students are rewarded if they are on time, don’t leave during the day, and are present each school day for a calendar month.  Every month is a fresh start, so illness or an appointment one month won’t ruin future chances.  Thank you for helping your children make it to school on time and every day that they are well.

Thank you for the wonderful support and encouragement you give to our staff and teachers here at Hayden Peak.  We wish you a joyful, focused, peaceful, and Happy New Year!

Jennifer Fisher



Cathy Ford

Assistant Principal