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Flex Friday – November 19th

Hayden Peak Elementary Flexible Friday - November 19, 2021 

Elementary Flexible Friday PDF

(as per Jordan School District Flexible Friday expectations - see below) 

• Attendance is optional on Flex Friday, but students may have new assignments that day, or continue assignments already assigned. Each grade level will send home a short checklist of items to be completed this day. (See Jordan School District Flexible Friday expectations listed below.) 

• Teachers will be available by appointment to students on Flex Friday as follows:

Over Zoom 9:30 am – 11:30 am (by appointment) 

In-Person at school 11:30 am – 12:25 pm (by appointment) 

• A grab-and-go lunch is available to in-person students as they leave at 12:25 pm. For students who did not come to school, a grab and go lunch is also available to them at the lunchroom door at 12:00 pm.

• Crossing Guards on city streets will only be out at their normal Friday times. That is approx. 8-8:35 am and 12:20 – 12:45 pm. Please note that if your child walks to school to meet in-person the city crossing guards will not be out and available.

• The format of our Flexible Friday on February 11, 2021 may be different based on how our November Flexible Friday goes. More information will come as we get closer to February.


Jordan District Flexible Friday Expectations 

● Principals may structure Flexible Friday schedules to meet school needs.

● Schedules will be based on consistent building blocks: 3 hours student engagement, PLC time (if not held Monday - Thursday), regular Friday contract and prep time, grab and go lunch.

● Exact schedules and expectations will vary by school.

● On Flexible Friday, students should all have something they are working on.

● Teachers can give new assignments on Flexible Friday, or can ask students to continue work from the week.

● Students cannot be required to attend in person on Flexible Fridays, but teachers and teams may make arrangements with parents for individuals or small groups of students to attend scheduled in-person instructional activities.

● It is not expected that students meet with teachers synchronously throughout the day.

● Time will be set aside for collaboration/planning, teacher-initiated student interaction, and teacher availability.

● Teachers can set up live or recorded video interactions with students on Flexible Fridays.