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Grandparents or other family members are invited to come and eat lunch with their student(s) during their regular lunch period. Please bring a lunch from home and join your child/grandchild in our cafeteria. School lunch will be available for Hayden Peak students only. Please bring food for yourself and any siblings or family members who will be attending with you.


4th Grade: 11:15 -11:30

1st Grade: 11:30 - 11:45

5th Grade: 11:45 - 12:00

2nd Grade:12:00 - 12:15

6th Grade: 12:15 - 12:30

3rd Grade: 12:30 - 12:45

This is a school activity, please do not check your student out of school. This is a regular school day and students will go to class when their lunch recess time is over.

We understand that many families will have multiple students. We are unable to change lunch times to accommodate different grades eating at the same time. Please arrange what will work best for your family.

Due to safety concerns, grandparents/family members are not allowed to go to the playground with their students.


Mark your calendars for the events coming up as we come to the end of the school year.

5/17 - School-wide photo

5/20 - 5/27 - Kindergarten end-of-year testing

5/25 - Grandparent Lunch Day

5/30 - No School for Memorial Day

5/31 - School Carnival  5pm until 8pm

6/1 - Field Day

6/2 - Last day of school for Kindergarten

6/3 - Last day of school for Grades 1 through 6

Turn off TV-Screen Free Week 4-22

Turn Off the TV & Screen Free Week is so that we can look the role that TV/screens play in our daily lives as an entertainer, pacifier, babysitter, time filler and background noise.

Television & screens are generally a passive "non-activity" which often detracts from more healthy, interpersonal, productive, rewarding and community-oriented activities.

Turn Off the TV & Screen Free Week is about having more fun outside of screens and turning "on" your life. It's an opportunity to rediscover the wide range of activities that exist when one unplugs from the sedentary, image-based, simplistic and commercial world of television, computers, and other electronic devices.

During this week we would like to encourage you to turn off your TV & screens.

If your student would like to participate, have them watch less TV & have less screen time this week.  Ideally, we would encourage them to turn off the TV & screens completely.  If they do turn off the TV & screens (or watch at least 50% less than normal for that child), have them bring the signed pledge back to school by Monday, May 2nd .

Thank You – Hayden Peak PTA, Family Life Commission

PTA is looking for anyone willing to give a little time to help continue the great legacy of the Hayden Peak PTA.  Programs that will be LOST if positions are not filled:

Field Day, Reflections, Dads & Donuts, Teacher Appreciation, T-shirt sales, and more!

The following positions need to be filled:

President Elect
Fund Raising
School Spirit



Dear Hayden Peak Families,

We are excited to begin a campaign to get all our students to school on time, called “Every Minute Counts!” Did you know that if 800 students got to school at 8:25 for an entire school year, and we were able to start working 10 minutes earlier, we would gain almost 1.4 million minutes more of instructional time? That’s a lot of minutes!

Parents, we need your help! Beginning March 14th, we will be tracking our daily tardies, which means students who get to school after classes go in their grade level doors at 8:25. If we reduce them by just a few each week, our students will get 10 minutes of fun activities for rewards. The first reward is a two-minute dance party every afternoon for a week. Continuing to reduce the tardies will result in minute-to-win-it games, extra recess time, 10 minutes of sprinklers at field day, and even a bounce house at field day!

Please let us know if you have extenuating circumstances that will cause your children to be late. And scheduled appointments, like checking in late because of a dentist appointment, don’t count against our totals. We are anxious to have our normal days begin on time. That’s where you can help!

While we are talking about school, did you know that our pre-covid attendance rate was above 95%? This year, our current attendance rate is 71%. We are hopeful that as illnesses recede and the weather warms, our attendance rate can return to pre-pandemic levels. Every healthy day in school is a day when students are learning!

Thank you for helping us make the most of each minute of school!


Jennifer Fisher                                                            Cathy Ford

Principal                                                                      Assistant Principal

Please mark your calendars for the upcoming events taking place at Hayden Peak in March.

3rd - Kindergarten Orientation Online Opens
11th - Kindergarten Orientation for 2022-2023 at 2pm
16th - Dads & Donuts
Book Fair
Parent-Teacher Conferences
17th - Parent-Teacher Conferences
Early Release -
Grades 1-6 Students dismissed
AM Kindergarten 8:25 - 10:20
PM Kindergarten 10:30 - 12:25
18th - No School - Teacher Comp. Day
24th - Spring Picture Day
25th - No School - Grade Transmittal Day


Mark your calendars for the upcoming events happening here at Hayden Peak in February.

Tuesday, February 8th - 5th Grade Utah Symphony Field Trip

Friday, February 11th - Health & Wellness Day - No School
Watch for an email from Jordan District with details regarding the activities for this day.

Thursday, February 17th - 2nd Grade Children's Museum Field Trip

Monday, February 21st - President's Day - No School