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Screen Free Week – April 25th to May 1st

Turn off TV-Screen Free Week 4-22

Turn Off the TV & Screen Free Week is so that we can look the role that TV/screens play in our daily lives as an entertainer, pacifier, babysitter, time filler and background noise.

Television & screens are generally a passive "non-activity" which often detracts from more healthy, interpersonal, productive, rewarding and community-oriented activities.

Turn Off the TV & Screen Free Week is about having more fun outside of screens and turning "on" your life. It's an opportunity to rediscover the wide range of activities that exist when one unplugs from the sedentary, image-based, simplistic and commercial world of television, computers, and other electronic devices.

During this week we would like to encourage you to turn off your TV & screens.

If your student would like to participate, have them watch less TV & have less screen time this week.  Ideally, we would encourage them to turn off the TV & screens completely.  If they do turn off the TV & screens (or watch at least 50% less than normal for that child), have them bring the signed pledge back to school by Monday, May 2nd .

Thank You – Hayden Peak PTA, Family Life Commission