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Every Minute Counts!


Dear Hayden Peak Families,

We are excited to begin a campaign to get all our students to school on time, called “Every Minute Counts!” Did you know that if 800 students got to school at 8:25 for an entire school year, and we were able to start working 10 minutes earlier, we would gain almost 1.4 million minutes more of instructional time? That’s a lot of minutes!

Parents, we need your help! Beginning March 14th, we will be tracking our daily tardies, which means students who get to school after classes go in their grade level doors at 8:25. If we reduce them by just a few each week, our students will get 10 minutes of fun activities for rewards. The first reward is a two-minute dance party every afternoon for a week. Continuing to reduce the tardies will result in minute-to-win-it games, extra recess time, 10 minutes of sprinklers at field day, and even a bounce house at field day!

Please let us know if you have extenuating circumstances that will cause your children to be late. And scheduled appointments, like checking in late because of a dentist appointment, don’t count against our totals. We are anxious to have our normal days begin on time. That’s where you can help!

While we are talking about school, did you know that our pre-covid attendance rate was above 95%? This year, our current attendance rate is 71%. We are hopeful that as illnesses recede and the weather warms, our attendance rate can return to pre-pandemic levels. Every healthy day in school is a day when students are learning!

Thank you for helping us make the most of each minute of school!


Jennifer Fisher                                                            Cathy Ford

Principal                                                                      Assistant Principal